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The Digital Minilab Frontier series has won worldwide acclaim for the incomparable true-digital print quality produced by a revolutionary CCD scanner and Fujifilm's proprietary, state of the art laser exposure system. The newest Frontier 340 model represents a major technological breakthrough, achieving an outstandingly high production speed of 900 prints/hr at 3R size or 800 prints/hr at 4R size, thanks to a newly developed, faster-processing chemical system.


Innovative digital imaging technology is the basis for the Frontier's excellent reputation throughout the world. From the area CCD to the solid state laser exposure system and each innovation has


been developed with the goal of providing reliable, optimal image reproduction.

In between digital input and output, the Frontier incorporates an impressive suite of image-processing software designed to make each and every photo come out as close to perfect as possible. The result of all this digital magic is quite clear - better quality prints.

Sophisticated image correction technology is built into the Frontier 340 system as a standard.

At Absolute Print we produce amazing quality prints so you get to keep beautiful photos of all those special moments.